Jaguar Land Rover's Dr Bin Cai dicusses the key role of metrology

This week’s star signing is Dr Bin Cai, who is Powertrain Metrology Manager at Jaguar Land Rover and previously at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry. Bin will talking about the key role of metrology as the interface between the physical and digital worlds and need to educate the supply chain about its importance.

Giving a keynote session on engineering design, Steve May-Russell, CEO of Smallfry and Chairman of the board at the British Industrial Design Association will talk on the theme of ‘Design to delight your customers and grow your business’. This will stress the importance of an empathic design process and the consequence of overlooking a key stakeholder's perspective.

His talk will explain:

.         How to capture what really matters

.         Deciding what you should do from what you could do

.         Why it's so easy to get it wrong while thinking you've got it right!

.         How do you capture what really matters?

.         Making sure you're managing the risks

Finally, he will reveal useful tools to help create a sustainable pipeline of Innovation that will help businesses successfully profit from their investment in NPD.

In The Manufacturer Conference we have confirmed that Peter Hurtig, of Ovako Sweden will address the subject of the continued importance of steel in a world of lightweight alloys and composites.