New Sessions added to The Manufacturer programme

Technical experts from training, development and consultancy specialist Net Composites will be presenting two of the sessions. The first of these will give an overview of the types of composite materials that are available, their applications, and the benefits that can come from using them. The second session will take people through the steps they need to take if they are considering using composites in their products. In the third session, Dr Geraint Havard, Composites Manager at R-Tech Services will be looking at how you ensure the quality of the product in a presentation entitled: ‘Composites Testing – Harder than you think!’.

Meanwhile, turning the spotlight onto more traditional materials, one of Dr Havard’s colleagues will be looking at the things that can go wrong in metal components and why in a session entitled ‘CSI Metals: tales from the failure analysis casebook’.

New in The Engineer conference, Malcolm Harold, Manager for Manufacturing, Knowledge Transfer Network, Innovate UK will be looking at how SMEs can get started with meeting the needs of the digital age in a session entitled ‘ The Fourth Industrial Revolution for SMEs – how to get started’.