Going live! TPE launches new website…

May 1, 2018, 09:50 AM by Poliana Sperandio

TP Engineering (TPE), a manufacturer of manipulated tube and welded fabrications for the automotive and associated industries, will be celebrating the launch of its new website at Subcon.

A family owned business, TPE is based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire (UK) was founded in 2002 for the sub contract of tubular emission products for various leading trade names in the automotive industry. In 2013 the company formed a specialist division to offer manipulated tube and welded assemblies for all industries due to increased interest.

In their 37,500 ft facility, fabrication welders carry out both MIG (Pulse) and TIG welding in various materials ranging from Braze to Stainless Steel. They also offer the capability of both automatic rotational, robotic welding cells and automatic tube cutting lines. With manufacturing operations approved to ISO 9001-2015 along with Conformity of Production approved by leading testing and development centres based in Spain, Germany and Poland, TPE rigorously enforces the quality of their processes.

Speaking on behalf of TPE, Director, Duncan Hall stated “Any two days are never the same, you never know what the enquiry is going to be for. But what we do is treat every enquiry the same, every enquiry is important, a project and we don’t just manage them, we live them. Information is key for our customers, it isn’t just price, quality and service, regular updates of what is happening is paramount. Even with best made plans we all know, customers’ demands of the project can change at any time, so having that direct contact with a flexible manufacturer like TPE, helps.”