Supply chain software specialist launches Industry 4.0 User Manual for SMEs at Subcon

May 15, 2018, 12:26 PM by Poliana Sperandio

As part of an effort to dispell misconceptions around Industry 4.0, supply chain specialists, Access Group will be showcasing a new, free guide: The Industry 4.0 User Manual for SMEs, at Subcon this year.

Lucy Pamment, Head of Product Development at Access Group explains: “For too long now, the focus has been on global companies, whose futuristic-looking ‘smart factories’ bear little resemblance to the traditional operations you see further down the supply chain.

"The language is often too technical or academic. Many production managers are left thinking that the technology is too expensive with their limited resources. It means they are in danger of missing out on valuable opportunities to work with the giants in aerospace, food, pharmaceuticals and other industries.”

“In this guide, we want to show that the latest innovations, including supply chain software, are affordable, scalable and can be rolled out quickly. As we break down the barriers to entry, smaller manufacturers are now seeing the benefits of digital systems for reducing costs and driving efficiencies.”

Stand: F22